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Our research focuses on close relationships and their underlying mechanisms. We're also exploring the effects of increasing people’s sense of attachment security on their tendency to engage in pro-social behavior, their altruistic and sexual attitudes, and their goals, as well as their attentional strategies.

If you are interested in working in the lab please email Max Rulo (maxrulo20@ku.edu) or see the Opportunities page!

Recent News

Dr. Gillath welcomed two new graduate students this year! welcome Dani and Niva! To learn more visit our Graduate Students page

Congratulations to our recent graduates! Many of our lab members are going on to continue their research in the work force and graduate school all over the country and all over the world. Melanie, Max, Mason, and Nadia will be graduating this semester.

Lab alum Tyler Sarovich will be pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience, studying neurodegenerative diseases at Florida Atlantic University!

This past year two of our graduate students, Katie Adams and Ting Ai, graduated with their PhD! Way to go Dr. Adams and Dr. Ai! Dr. Adams is continuing her research as an NSF Postdoctoral fellow at Purdue University.

Antonio, Melanie, and Max presented at the 2023 SPSP convention!

Check out Dr. Gillath's recent interview with the Atlantic where he discusses why finding love on dating apps is so hard!

New Papers from Dr. Gillath and colleagues!

See our publications section to view recent lab publications! 

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