Resources for Research Assistants

Important Websites





Ethical Principles

Statistics Help

Link for how to format statistics tables/graphs

Link to article for help with screening and cleaning data (Curran, 2016)

Poster Help 

Poster 101 (.pptx)

Example Poster from the lab: 

Below you will find some resources for the graduate school process!

Graduate School Search

Buy the yearly Graduate Study in Psychology book

Check online rankings (Clinical Psychology Rankings)

Read the Graduate School Program Manual for school of interest (Best Clinical Psychology Programs - Top Health Schools - US News Ranking(.pdf))

Check the faculty's research interests and current projects


GRE Vocab App from Magoosh (Free)

Princeton Review Free Practice Test

GRE Sign Up Website

GRE Tips and Tricks From Lab Members

There are GRE study books in the lab in the tall grey cabinet


Questions to Ask During Interview

Interview Tips and Tricks From Lab Members

Also check Mitch's document below for more questions

Other Tips and Tricks for Graduate School Application Process

Random Tips from Our Lab Members

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